​Spur Western Wear: Cowboy Hat Handling And Care Tips

If Properly Handled And Maintained, A Cowboy Hat Can Last For Years. Here Are Some Hat Handling And Care Tips That Will Help You Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Hat:

  1. Know The Front Of Your Hat From The Back Of Your Hat To Avoid Putting Your Hat On Backwards:  
    • A Small Seam Or Ribbon Bow On The Inside Sweat Band Indicates The Back Of Your Hat.  
    • The Brim Usually Has A Narrower Shape In Front And A Wider, Flatter Shape In Back.  
    • The Knot Or Buckle Of The Hat Band Should Be On The Left Side When The Hat Is On Your Head.  
  1. When Picking Up Your Hat, Gently Grasp The Hat From The Front At The Base Of The Crown (Where The Crown And Brim Meet).   
  1. Place The Hat On Your Head Gently, But Firmly. 
  1. When Storing Your Hat, Place Your Hat Upside Down On Its Crown On A Flat Surface. The Crown Is Sturdier, And The Brim Will More Easily Maintain It's Shape.  
  1. Clean Your Felt Hat   
    1. Remove Embedded Dirt From A Felt Hat Using A Hat Sponge Or Soft-Bristled Brush.  
    2. Let It Dry At Room Temperature, Away From Direct Heat Sources.  
  1. Clean Your Straw Or Palm-Leaf Hat  
    1. Remove Loose Dust Using A Dry Cloth.  Use A Damp Cloth (Not Wet) For More Soiled Hats Or NuStraw. 
    2. Let It Dry At Room Temperature, Away From Direct Heat Sources. 

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